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About the Syracuse Housing Study 

Over the past 10 to 15 years, Syracuse’s housing market has been impacted by the Great Recession, a gradual uptick in housing investment after the recession(especially downtown), price increases during the pandemic, and the more recent rise in interest rates and construction costs.

It has also experienced the continuation of high levels of blight in many neighborhoods, large numbers of cost-burdened renters, and the loss of middle-class households to the suburbs.

The Syracuse Housing Study is an effort to make sense of all of this and to help the City and the community truly understand existing housing conditions, investment and disinvestment patterns, market trends, and housing needs throughout the city.

The analysis produced by the study will help to inform the development of a citywide housing strategy, neighborhood plans, and future housing policies. The study began in October 2022 and will conclude by the end of May 2023, when additional in-person and online open houses will be held.